Our Company

Comprehensive, multi-modal platform connecting care providers and patients in all parts of the country; existing system serving 1.2 million people
Eases strains on medical professionals at front lines of COVID-19 response, protects non-COVID or movement-restricted patients from risk of infections
Chatbots and non-medical professionals can quickly screen patients and advise them on next appropriate steps for health management
Can be used with text, SMS, video or chat — no special software downloads needed. Optimized for low-bandwidth scenarios

Our Mission

We bring speed, strength and pedigree to the fight, forged in combat and decades of disaster response.

Factors in all stakeholders: care givers, patients, businesses and public health agencies
Fully HIPAA-compliant communications
Allows aggregation of patient data across multiple health information technology resources
Applies risk analytics and prioritization to populations requiring rigorous care
Provides clear, concise, consistent and localized data (by state, county and city) for COVID-19 tracking
Used for medical care, depression/grief and other emotional/psychological support needs

Our Vision

Our vision is an empowered, informed and interconnected network of federal, state and local officials. 


Our Experience

 With years of experience, our expert team assesses the entire national response plan, then rapidly fields a web-based solution that empowers Federal, State, and Local response teams to scale and succeed. We understand the importance of data collection and rapid dissemination to inform responders at all levels on micro-trends, associated timelines, required resources, and real-time logistical supply needs all while recognizing the need to protect individual privacy. 


Our Team

 We are not just another tech company. Our hand-picked team is mission-focused and comprised of diverse experts from across the nation.  Our members have served our country in a variety of capacities, with past performances working with or for agencies such as the CDC, FDA, NIH, NCIA, DoD, NGB, DHS, Federal Law Enforcement, Local Law Enforcement, and more. Our experts have directly and indirectly supported countless Emergency Response Teams responding to humanitarian and other domestic emergencies, rapidly providing intuitive, customized technological solutions for mission success.   

The US biomedical mission

In January 2020, as we saw alarming news about the novel coronavirus beginning to emerge from China, our team recognized an emerging threat and knew the United States was poorly equipped to respond. We quickly grasped that America’s emergency responders – doctors, nurses, paramedics, police and firefighters – would soon be working in combat-zone conditions once the virus reached our shores.  We created a  "task force"  of private citizens to tackle the pandemic holistically and pragmatically.

Past performance

 ATAK is a lightweight software load that works on any existing Android devices—no specialized equipment is required.  Not only did we lead development for this software, the largest such development effort in the DoD, we ensured the code stayed government-owned. It is now used by over 200K users worldwide. In the coronavirus context, it can be adapted for use by medical staff, first responders, law enforcement and supply chain personnel, using it in an ecosystem for real-time data-sharing.

US Biomedical founders in action!

This video demonstrates the past performances of our leadership (Mr. Ken Johns,  Mr. Juan Carlos Arevalo, and Mr. Scott Tilley) rapidly fielding a portfolio of capabilities for emergency response teams. US Biomedical LLC is the only company prepared to respond strategically, operationally, and tactically with proven past performance and vetted solutions in hand!

Our software used with THE DHS S&T Office

  Here is an example of our software in action for DHS S&T.  It is important to note that the White House's 2005 Pandemic Emergency Plan provides implementation guidance, suggesting the lockdown of communities may occur.  Law enforcement and the National Guard are to work together to prevent social gatherings.  Our software is actively in use with those communities, and we could provide predictive analytics and real-time updates from various sources to keep them proactively ahead of incidents.